Quick Guide to the Led driver and what the future holds for you.

LED drivers are just as old as the LEDs. Most of the LEDs require drivers to do what they are meant to do. It’s surprising to see that many users of LED lights have no idea about the work of an LED driver.

Do you know how it all works?

As numerous energy regulations hitting common people every now and then, most of us have realized that using LED lights is a way better option than any other. Nick Holonyak, known as the Father of LED also might have never thought that this invention would become a game-changer someday.

The reason why LEDs are so popular is that it has a long life span and energy-saving properties loaded with the brightness that never hurts your eyes.

These are just a few pros of using an LED light but most of us don’t know that these lights require a particular device to operate i.e. the LED driver. Do you know what is the use of ballasts for fluorescent lamps? The same is the use of LED drivers for an LED Light. Basically, these drivers provide electricity to the LED to light up and perform at it’s best.

What makes led drivers imperative?

1. A driver offers what an LED needs

As we know that LED is designed to operate on a low voltage of somewhat in between 12-24 (Direct current electricity), but you will find a higher voltage supply of alternating current in most of the place. Therefore, an LED driver is used to rectify the high voltage alternative current to low voltage direct current.

2. Say “No” to damage with LED drivers

Apart from that, an LED driver also prevents voltage fluctuations. Voltage fluctuation is one of the major reasons for the damage of the LED lights. Whenever there is a change in the voltage, it results in the change in current supplied which is directly proportional to the light output of the LED.

Too much or too little current supply will result in variation of the light output of the LED and raise the temperature in the LED which may cause huge damage.

What future holds for LED drivers?

A popular report from the reported linker (a market research firm) suggests that the LED driver market will grow stronger in the coming years even more. Opportunities are coming for LED driver vendors from every direction whether it is residential users or commercial, automotive or industrial sectors.

The report also states that this market is estimated to reach the magical number of about USD 16 billion by the year 2023. The reason behind this growth is the favorable policies of the governments to use LED in the developing nations.

One such example of favorable policies of the government is the decision of the Indian government to replace about thirty-five million streetlights with LEDs by the end of this year as a part of the street lighting national program. This has resulted in increasing the demand for LED lights and LED drivers in huge numbers.

So, if you are going to install some new LED lights at your home or office, make sure that you are going with the right LED drivers.

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