Are led drivers really important? A guide for those who underrate these drivers

Are led drivers really important? A guide for those who underrate these drivers

Led drivers are the same for the light as our heart is for our bodies. Ever wonder what if you are given a choice to select a heart for your body? You would select the best performing heart obviously! Similarly, it is important to select the best driver for your light in order to use them with their full efficiency.

However, most people think that an LED driver is not much of a use for them. Many times people underrate these drivers and ignore their importance. An LED driver drastically affects the performance, durability and lifetime of the light.

Here’s a guide for those who underrate the LED drivers

One of the primary tasks – Dimming

When it comes to the dimming capabilities of the light, the driver plays a significant role. If your LED has a poor quality driver, then the light output will be poorer and it won’t give you a good experience.

Low quality drivers will also result in frequent flickering which can irritate you to the core.

Annoyed by the flickers – Say NO to them with an LED driver

The flickering factor can be visible or invisible, it happens when or if the frequency of the light changes abruptly. It mainly happens when the main power supply is converting the electricity from AC to DC, finally the current is sent to your LED light. The ripple leads to flickering.

If you buy a good quality LED driver, it will help you eradicate this problem completely. It will not only help you get rid of the flickering, it will also help you improve the lifespan of the light.

Eliminate the delays

Suppose you turn ON your LED and it shows a few seconds later? Ever noticed this delay? Most of the times, this delay happens due to a poor quality driver. So you see, a driver is very important to eliminate this delay from your light. 

All you need to do is to check for a driver which provides the best and quick startup time. If you are looking for a non-connected driver, just look for the one with a startup time less than seventy-five seconds. 

In case of connected drivers, look for the one with a startup time of less than one second.

It’s reliable, just take care of the temperature with a driver

All of us know that LED lights have a longer lifetime as compared to the regular incandescent and others. But one should also keep in mind that the temperature of the surrounding plays an important role here.

In simple words, the driver is made to send an apt amount of current to the LED to make a sufficient amount or level of light. In all this process, it is important that there should be sufficient heat sinking available, otherwise it will only cause overheating, and it will be harmful not just for the light but for the driver’s life as well.

The rule is simple! If the driver is being used near to the maximum temperature as per the UL approvals, then its life would be affected. Similarly, if you use the light along with the driver at some low-temperature area or room, then it will work for as long as you want it.

So, do you really need a driver now?

Well, now you must know that every light (LED) needs a driver to operate nicely. You have to look whether you want a separate driver for your lights or not. It’s because nowadays, most of the lights come with an integrated driver itself.

If you want to buy LED lights for your home, then I must tell you, these types of  LED already have a driver within them now.

One of the main tasks of the driver is to rectify the alternating high voltage current to low voltage direct current. This is something only an LED driver can do, so you have to have one with the lights.

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